Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Reader In Residence: Is it that time already?!

I can't believe we're on the edge of May.  Only two more months, the end of June, and the part of the residency devoted to working with libraries across the Scottish Borders will be  drawing to a close.  The residency continues to the end of September those final three months focussing on my own writing--in this case finishing a play.

I'll be blogging more shortly about what's been happening lately in the residency soon.  In the meantine please have a look at the blog I wrote recently on the Scottish Book Trust website.

Also available are blogs about the other Readers In Residence posts.

Below a couple of photos from storytelling events! The first one was all about reading stories but also creating them on the spot.  This is the moment the much misunderstood monster The Selkirk Squid emerged from the sea!

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