Friday, 27 March 2015


Recently, working alongside Scottish Borders Libraries, I've tutored a couple of workshops on the theme of Spring.   One workshop was held at Kelso Library the other Eyemouth Library.

As well as really enjoying the workshops and the work produced by the participants I've worked and continue to work on a number of poems and stories around the theme myself.

Below is a couple of examples.

The first the poem is complete.  The second the short story is to be continued!

SPRING IS…               

Bursting forth to catch the spreading sun
Grass growth crew cut by ruthless lawn mowers.
Scanning the horizon for holidays approaching.

Spring  is…

Marie Curie daffodils spreading hope along the winding road.
A choir of birds singing laughter to winter’s end.
A street of smiles.

Spring is…
Remembering endings shadowing beginnings.

Spring is…
Time to let out our collective breath
Breath anew.

‘Time to get up. Time to get up.’
He threw his pillow at the mocking birds on his window ledge.  They fluttered away then landed again moments later.
‘You missed. You missed.’ The birds sang.
He lay on his side and stared at the bedside clock. It flashed 6.23am.
Still he asked. ‘What time do you call this to be waking a man up?’
‘Spring is here.  Spring is here.’ The birds sang.
The man groaned.  ‘It can’t be.’
The birds fluttered and danced on the window ledge.
‘Winter is dead.  Winter is dead.’
‘Winter is a zombie.’ The man said. ‘It will rise again.’

By the time the man showered and dressed the Everly Brothers of the bird world had gone to torment another Winter soul. The man stared out at the rapidly wakening world. He would have liked to tug open the window and shout.
‘I hate Spring.’
He didn’t contenting himself with scratching the words on the dew collected on the window.

(to be continued!)

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